08 July 2011

Keeping Busy

Once again I am having computer issues, which will probably only be solved when I get the new laptop, hopefully next week if I can get to PC World after work!

In the mean time here is the text at least of the post I had hoped to go this morning...

ENGINEERS at Plymouth's Citybus Milehouse depot have completed their 30th refurbishment for the Go Ahead in London contract.
Engineering Director, Karl Duncan, said his team had been working 'flat out' on the refurbishment jobs and are now awaiting the arrival of a further 18 buses in a new contract.
Each of the buses are almost completely refurbished by the team and most are given new paint jobs.
The upholstery is usually replaced along with many of the windows and all the lighting is checked.
Full story This is Plymouth

I have seen one of the Dennis Darts ED class buses from Go Ahead London on the road, presumably for test, and it looked brand new. Citybus repaints are very good quality. It would be nice if Citybus can squeeze in a few more if its own buses but I can well understand them concentrating on outside work as it generates much needed cash!


  1. i still find it hard to beleive buses are coming from the other side of the country to be refurbished, are there no go-ahead garages in london the south east or along the south coast??? go-ahead doing there bit for climate change!! lol

  2. Hants and Dorset trim a subsidiary of Go-Ahead is also refurbishing buses for London but has run out of capacity as so many of the London fleet are now being refurbished rather than replaced by new vehicles. After all that is more environmentally friendly than building new buses from scratch.


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