10 December 2010

Going Ahead

A week or so ago Omnibuses had a nice little post about the first year of Plymouth Citybus:
Aside from taking the flack at service change time, passenger reaction and perceptions remain largely positive. Moving the new designer enquiry office from the Royal Parade into Debenham’s has proven particularly welcomed. With the prospect of 100 per cent low floor operation in the near future and a new brand for 2011, Citybus under Go Ahead can be confident of its future.
Well Citybus have now put their own take on their first year under Go-Ahead on their web site:
Passenger numbers have increased over the year following the acquisition of Plymouth Citybus by the Go Ahead Group. Plymouth Citybus Managing Director Andrew Wickham says that the key changes to routes and timetables made in July and September have helped to achieve a steady growth in passenger numbers with recent months showing a 9% rise.
“It was inevitable that the loss of some administration jobs would result in the regrettable redundancies numbering 14 people within the first few months. Now with the growth in passenger numbers there is great potential to invest in the future of Plymouth Citybus,” said Andrew Wickham. “We hope that the uncertainty felt by employees before and just after the acquisition can now be laid to rest as we head into our 2nd year within the Go-Ahead Group.”

Plymouth Citybus 210 VU52UEE
More news from Citybus:
The new Plymouth Citybus Travel Centre that opened on the 3rd floor of Debenhams in September has gained agency status to handle bookings for National Express. The team of 6 based at the centre have all been trained to handle computerised bookings for people who wish to travel to towns and cities using the National Express network that spans the UK.

A post yesterday on take overs and what should come along? News that Arriva has taken over Potteries independent Wardle’s. Omnibuses
Having covered the MER's role in the 1996 Manx celebrations I'm going to take a look at the other railed interest on the island, together with a couple of views of the vital shipping links. Transport Illustrated
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