12 December 2010

Sunday Best on Flickr: J375WWK

J375 WWK
©Nick Rice: Not a Plymouth allocation at the time of this photo but this ex Volvo demonstrator Lynx 2 was sometimes 'borrowed' by Tavistock outstation for some services before being dispatched back to the North Devon part of First's fleet. The 85 was a Plymouth to Yelverton route which often threw up Lynxes, VR, Olympians, Merc minis just about anything!
It was Sunday, 6th December 2009, just days after I'd agreed to buy her, that she arrived from her previous home in Cornwall behind a tow truck. 270KTA
Is it so many years since we first embarked on the Europe-wide trial of Hydrogen Fuel Cell buses using specially-built Citaros from Mercedes Benz? These vehicles made their debut on route 25 before moving to the RV1. They were so successful that the two year trial lasted three. Leon Daniels
The temporary free Bristol bus service that’s running today as it did yesterday is unlikely to overly trouble First. The free trial operates every half hour, from 1100 to 1500 between Temple Meads and the city’s shopping centre. Omnibuses
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  1. Service 85 to my knowledge operated Royal Parade - Mutley - Derriford -
    Glenholt - Woolwell - Glenholt - Derriford - Mutley - Royal Parade via Western approach. In the early days when I joined what was then Western National it was operated hourly by the same bus often a 608 Merc and to do the round trip in an hour was a challenge, often arriving at Glenholt on the way out when you should of been there on the way in.


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