07 October 2010

Tavy Linx Fun and Games

From the 31st October First D&C will be running a new timetable on the Plymouth to Tavistock route. This is mainly so they can run a couple of buses in Glenholt Woolwell to replace the 7 which is being scrapped.
For Plymouth to Tavistock runs this results in an unusual timetable to say the least!

The main day time service sees 4 buses an hour depart from Royal Parade at 10 mins (83), 25 mins (84) 40 mins (83) and 55 mins (86) past the hour. Note that apart from the last few evening runs no buses serve Bretonside Bus Station (ironic that they only go into Bretonside at night - ie when its at its most unpleasant state!)

The 83's go via Milehouse, Crownhill and stay on the main road through to Yelverton at 41 and 11 mins past the hour and on the Tavistock offering a journey time from end to end of just over an hour.

The 84 and 86 in between go via Mutley Plain - Crownhill then into Derriford and then into Woolwell before proceeding through to Yelverton and Tavistock (86 via Bishopsmead and 84 via Whitchurch). They arrive at Yelverton at 41 and 11 mins past the hour which is exactly the same time as the 83s so for much of the day there will in theory at least be two buses following each other for much of the journey into Tavistock!
This means a 15 min frequency from Royal Parade becomes a 30 min frequency from Yelverton.

Coming back its better spaced out with departures from Tavistock every 15 mins at the same times as the Plymouth departures. It does seem that if buses are running to timetable then buses will be sitting around for at least 10 mins at each end before returning. Plenty of room at Tavistock Bus Station for that but Royal Parade is already overcrowded at the best of times.

I know staff at Derriford are up in arms at having to catch the Tavistock buses to get to Woolwell as previously when this has been tried there have been major problems with buses being already full by the time they get to Derriford. If they are double decked it might help but the majority of Tavistock runs at the moment are single decked.

I am sure the passengers will make their voice heard if it all goes pear shaped. I dont know when the next Derriford bus users forum is due to take place but I am sure it will be fun to go to... First 40580 YJ51RHX First timetables can be found here or you can see the main Monday to Friday times on my Plymothian Transit Extra pages

London's cast off DMS Fleetlines were most welcome to plug the gap as seen here at Cannock in the mid Eighties. Busworld Photography
Does such a move confirm the true intention behind Wellglade’s registration: old fashioned competition? Omnibuses
In 1984 when I started London Pride Sightseeing we used to employ a crew of two - a driver and a guide. Leon Daniels


  1. i assume it is a typing error about a few buses going to glenholt? and the 84 to bishopsmead and 86 to whitchurch? other way round i think!
    further down the line they wanna pull out of whitchurch anyway and get people to catch the 89 down to the bus station, to link up with a plymouth bound bus

  2. You are right - I was the wrong way round re the 84/86. Thanks for putting me right!

    I meant Woolwell rather than Glenholt - I will go in and change the script - it was a late night last night!


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