06 October 2010

Ugo the long way round

One of the few new Ugobus services that seems to be doing ok is the 15 as it offers something different to the other services in the area. It has also generally been pretty reliable (apart from the evening peak through Derriford which messes all the buses up) especially when compared with the 50. I do however fear all that is about to change...
At the end of October First pull their 7 off. More on this later. One consequence of this is that the 15 will be routed through Marjon in its place. This means that the Mainstone - City runs will now go up past Derriford then come back though Marjon and then down into Derriford. The City - Mainstone run probably wont make much difference. Looking at the new timetable the normal day time service has been given one extra minute journey time!
I see the City bound journeys go via North Road East which apparently save two minutes but I cant help but feel everything is going to be a lot tighter on this route now. Certainly the Derriford peak will now cause even more problems for this route if the buses have to go up to Marjon and then back into Derriford.

This was of course tried by Citybus a few years back with the 46/47. Didn't work well then either.

First 66882 MX55HHR A reminder of the nice buses we used to have!

First's Club 55 offer permits travel on all First TOCs except Scotrail, but Arriva Trains Wales is included. A Transport of Delight
Either Trent Barton was exaggerating its problems or quality at Ashok Optare has improved significantly. For, yesterday, Optare announced an £8.1mil three-year vehicle order from none other than Trent Barton Omnibuses
so what better way to inform fellow hobbyist photographers about the manner in which Fotopic has conducted itself, than to post a warning here. A Transport of Delight

Facebook: Dennis Dart "we've got some London buses here at the depot waiting to be tidied up. Pippi and I have made friends with one of them called Bashed-Up Brian. He's a good laugh"


  1. marc reddy is a nob, he is putting our jobs on the line, cut this cut that, passengers wanna go that way? well we'll go a different way then lo and behold we're loosing passengers and the service is cut! 48 is going completly as well in less the council comes up with more money for first, greedy fat cats.
    thats who i work for. it disgusts me working for such an employer and i feel citybus will eventually go that way too

  2. I must of admit that First Group do seem at times to have a different approach to customer service! With regards to the comment about the service 48, Wembury. About a year and a half ago this service was severely cut back from a daytime hourly service to about every 2 hours. If this service was to be completely withdrawn that would have very serious implications for the village, which after all is only just over 2 miles from Staddiscombe. Is there any way that it can be confirmed if indeed First are proposing to completely withdraw this service? Many thanks.

  3. first and any big company for that matter does could not care less if communitys are cut off! they are all in it just to make BIG profits for there shareholders.
    local councils need more control over local bus operators.


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