08 October 2010

Outgoing FDC National Express

The First Devon and Cornwall fleet continues to contract with two more coach (20560, 20561) now confirmed as transferring to First Cyrmu in Swansea. Although these were based in Camborne they were often seen in Plymouth on National Express duties. First 20559 TT06NEX
While ways consumers can save on bus and train tickets covers many of the bases readers of this blog will already be accustom with, the MSE website has itself developed an application for finding the cheapest air fare. Transport of Delight
It’s very telling that, alongside former London bendy (German) Mercedes Citaros that will be shipped out, Arriva has chosen the Chinese to build its flotilla of buses for its newly acquired Maltese franchise. Omnibuses
First Devon & Cornwall's cutting and consolidation of routes has extended to some more former Truronian services in Truro. Southern England Bus Scene
Sad news to confirm today after K802 ORL has been confirmed withdrawn and awaiting disposal. PTOTPA

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  1. They do look a little worse for wear! Maybe they need to sort the air-conditioning too by the looks of the sky-lights. The two Levantes should be in Cymru by now too.


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