13 December 2010

Back in Plymouth

First Devon and Cornwall 46420 M420CCV Its ironic that when I took this photo at the Western National Rally in 2007 I added the comment
"Looking very smart - its good to see FDC treating its older buses this way. Cant have that long left in service?"
Ironic because this bus is now in service in Plymouth, although in plain white for Target Travel who seem to be using it on the 14 more than anything else at the moment. It is still looking very smart too.
It does seem an odd choice for Target as they have been mainly Solos for some time now. Its also very rare for ex First buses to appear with other operators.
This is better than a blanket ban on the All-lines Railrover's usage before 1000 on weekdays, but nonetheless problematic for many people for whom an ALR is actually cheaper than a season ticket and, of course, for the thousands of rail enthusiasts who purchase the ticket each and every year. A Transport of Delight
The Leyland National could look rather attractive in a pleasant livery like the red and cream scheme applied by Tiverton and District to former London Bus LS 220 No.2811 THX 220S. Busworld Photography
See how many of these 20 Christmas Trivia Quiz questions you can answer. Omnibuses
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