14 December 2010

Plymothian Transit in Miniature

I haven't collected model buses for several years now, but there are some lovely new models coming up in the next month or so that look very tempting: efe34906
Catalogue No. 34906 Leyland Olympian Coach WESTERN NATIONAL Reg. No. A752 VAF Fleet No. 1802 Working route 83 to Tavistock.
Due January 2011


EFE 16226 Bristol MW/LS Coach WESTERN NATIONAL N.B.C. Reg. No. 621 DDV Fleet No. 2906 Operating route 310 to Lynton
Due January 2011

Then, saving the best till last...
EFE 15109 LEYLAND NATIONAL MKII LONG PLYMOUTH CITY TRANSPORT Reg. No. WDR 668M Fleet No. 68 Works route 23 to Mount Gould & City Centre
Due February 2011

All photos above ©EFE Models

CITYBUS FACEBOOK 13 DEC 2010: The Police have closed Tavistock Road inbound to the city at the George Junction. Service 59 will terminate at Roborough Village and services 46 and 47 will stay on the main road as they cannot access the Park & Ride site.
FIRST FACEBOOK 13 DEC 2010: Due to a serious traffic accident the road between Plymouth & Tavistock is currently closed between Woolwell & Belliver roundabouts in both directions. As there is no suitable diversion we have unfortunately had to suspended service 83/84/86 journeys. We apologise for any inconvenience caused due to circumstances beyond our control and will update as soon as we hear more from the Police
FIRST FACEBOOK 13 DEC 2010: Woolwell road closure/accident update: the Police have now closed the road between Belliver roundabout and the George. PR1 journeys are still operating but via the rear entrance and are subject to delays due to the extent of traffic in the area. Service 15 is also likely to suffer delays due to the traffic flowing back as far as Derriford Roundabout. Police have informed us the road is unlikely to reopen before 14:00
FIRST FACEBOOK 13 DEC 2010: Woolwell/Belliver accident/road closure update: the road has been re-opened between The George, Woolwell roundabout and Belliver roundabout. Services 83/84/86 will now operate again but are unable to serve bus stops on the road between Woolwell and Belliver roundabouts. The PR1 is back to normal.
Not all seems to be well in Newport, Wales. The suspension of Newport Transport’s relatively new managing director last week and his resignation on Friday brings with it an air of uncertainty. Everyone’s being tight lipped as to the reasons why. So, what’s going on? Omnibuses
It's no laughing matter but there are a couple of similarities between a recent news story from Blackpool and the latest in the world's longest soap opera, Coronation Street. A Transport of Delight
While the railed transport celebrated in 1996 the island's buses and coaches continued their normal everyday role although with the help of some of the vintage fleet on occasions, as will be seen later. Transport Illustrated
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