17 December 2010

Getting back Down to Business

Managed to get an hour in town this week to catch up on a few photos. Citybus have a new advert bus out:
Plymouth Citybus 415 PL51LGN
Plymouth Citybus 415 PL51LGN I wouldnt normally keep this last shot but it does serve to illustrate the near side of the advert quite clearly, even if the front of the bus is lost in the bright sunshine! You know that you have seen this advert before: Plymouth Citybus 189 F606GVO
FIRST on Twitter: Due to sowing of grass seeds between Derriford Roundabout & Crownhill there are currently delays to PR1 & 83/84/86 journeys, both directions
It has often seemed odd that the bus industry’s favourite marketing & branding specialist, responsible for so many web design improvements, has never had much of a web presence of its own. Till now. We’re talking, of course, of Ray Stenning’s Best Impressions Omnibuses
An event that has been sadly missing from the rally calendar over the past few years has been the open day at the West of England Transport Collection in Winkleigh, north Devon Transport Illustrated

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