16 October 2010

Life after Plymouth: W805PAF

Another of the Plymouth buses which have escaped to elsewhere in the country as First continue to cut back their network:
First 53005 W805PAF
©Anthony John Powell
W805PAF Optare Solo - seen working service 2 to Cefn Glas

A Stagecoach-Ribble Leyland National2 leaves Bolton on it's way to Burnley. Busworld Photography
The announcement of the sale of East London Bus Group back to Stagecoach today is remarkable for the industry. Leon Daniels
Next Tuesday will be a momentous day in the history of British Railways, for then the first ever German train will pull into London St. Pancras International station. Transport of Delight
Take a modest corridor that can sustain a bus every 20 minutes, requiring PVR 4. Assuming it costs x to operate each vehicle, the total costs are 4x. With no competition, 100% of revenue y accrues to the operator. Omnibuses

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  1. What a horrible sight a Devon/Cornwall bus but certainly not a local destination!


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