25 September 2010

Citybus Variety

As an enthusiast one of the good things that the Go-Ahead takeover of Citybus has brought is a slightly more diverse fleet of buses. Citybus has always been a fairly standardised fleet but at the moment probably has more variety than it has had for some time. The recent influx of second-hand buses in order to speed the transition to a fully low floor fleet has certainly helped bring more variety to Plymouth.
Last week I popped down to Crownhill in the hope that I would finally catch up with the Wright bodied Darts which were originally placed onto the 42. The first 42 that came along was not what I was expecting:
Plymouth Citybus 211 VU52UEF A short while later the next 42 heading back towards Derriford was also Solo operated.
Plymouth Citybus 213 MX53FEF
I knew I had chance to get one more 42 and was now expecting another Solo...
Plymouth Citybus 124 L124YOD
Didn't expect that!
The ironic thing was that I spotted one of the Wright bodied Darts on the 50 one my way to work the next day. We have also had Solos and step Darts on the route and a couple runs in the day are scheduled as Volvo B7 double decker's. Like I said plenty of variety these days!
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