22 September 2010

A hint of things to come?

With thanks to Richard Stedall we can bring what must surely be the biggest hint at a possible new livery and logo for Plymouth Citybus. I am sure we will be seeing the new logo on the new livery and the new look web site when it goes live. Its certainly an improvement on the current Citybus logo although I still remain a fan of the original 1980's chunky Citybus logo. IMG_9674 ©Richard Stedall

When I first saw this shop window design it reminded me of something :
843 EF55OXF OXFORD BUS 281209
©EastleighBusMan (cc) Fellow Go-Ahead company Oxford City2 livery.

Could we be seeing something similar?

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  1. Looks good to me!

    The present livery is dull and boring!! The company needs a good livery to market its products and the Oxford bus company certainly know how to attract lots of customers.

    Bring it on!!

  2. well GoAhead do seem to be very good at branding - and have come up with some good liveries through Ray Stenning so it should be good when it arrives.

  3. Money to burn? Want to show off your "management" skills? Lets have a reorganisation and a new livery then! More money wasted on image consultants - reliable, fair priced services are what attracts customers - not another livery which takes years to finalise in any case. For God's sake nooooo....

  4. It also looks very similar to Carousel Buses's Stenning designed livery, right down to the colours and font.

    http://raymond946.fotopic.net/p66553448.html (No affiliation with site)

    I have always found Stenning's work to look quite "samey". This is mainly because of his constant overuse of lower case font.

  5. I've heard from someone that there are twelve bendis/arctics due. Is this true?

  6. The recent trial was to see if it was worth while using bendybuses in Plymouth. I know the bus impressed quite a few people within the company and am not aware of any major issues which would prevent its use but I guess a lot depends on the economics of running such big buses.
    If they think they can make them pay then certainly there will be a batch available fairly soon. I am not aware that any decision has been made yet, but that doesnt mean that the decision hasnt been made.
    I for one hope they do get some

  7. If you look at dennis darts facebook page you can see that the expected new livery could arrive before the year is out!

  8. Nice i you go2 my flickr channel http://www.flickr.com/photos/busline/ i do some liveries an ect based around the latest plymouth citybus news have a look and comment


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