23 September 2010

I go somewhere else–soon

20 September 2010:
First 69245 YJ07WFM
24 August 2010
First 69245 YJ07WFM
Getting ready to leave?

69245 has now lost its Ugobus branding. It is one of those that are heading towards Southampton but has a stayed a while longer to help run the Plymouth University Park and Ride shuttle service. Its a shame to see these buses leave.

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CITYBUS FACEBOOK: New ticket available from Wednesday 22nd September. DAYRIDER DUO £5 The DayRider Duo is a Day ticket that enables any two people travelling together to travel on any Plymouth Citybus on the day of purchase for £5 all day. Two Adults travelling together save £1.60 One Adult and one Child travelling together save 60p Saving based against the individual travel purchase of DayRiders


  1. not just the B7's a lot of the buses have lost there ugo bus branding

  2. Does this mean that First South Coast are in the process of abandoning the UgoBus name or are another load of buses due to leave for Southampton?

  3. As usual FDC get a load of good buses, then lose them to elsewhere.


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