09 December 2010

Xelant Dart

Former Plymouth Citybus 118 L118YOD is now enjoying a new life on the South Coast with Xelabus. Thanks to her new owners and Andrew Wickham we can bring you a photo of her in her smart new livery. Xelabus L118YOD ©Xelabus.
If you follow the excellent Omnibuses blog (often featured in the links below most postings) you will recognise the livery as it was featured there a day or so ago.
Check out Lawrences PTOTPA blog (link below) for updated photos of Citybus 45 after her sex change...
The media tends to report operator results days before they are actually published. Today’s Stagecoach interims will therefore come as anything but a surprise. Omnibuses
Brijan Tours are based in Botley, in Southern Hampshire, and operate mainly a network of coach services and school services. Southern England Bus Scene
Dennis Dart (L112 YOD) has had a makeover and become low floor. No sorry, they haven't actually converted L112 YOD to low floor, the stickers have now been placed upon Y645 NYD (45) which was previously identified as 'Pippi' - Dennis Dart's best friend. PTOTPA
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  1. Spotted ex-plymouth CityBus L125 YOD now painted royal blue, parked in the corner of Plympton Fire Station today (04/01/11), didn't have the camera with me unfortunately.

  2. 125 was donated to the Police for use as a 'youth / community' vehicle and is decked out with seating and flat screen tv's and dvd players (a company in Essex did the conversion).
    An issue over driving the vehicle then materialised along with the servicing of the vehicle (to comply with the tax exempt and MOT exempt legislation the Police are able to utilise) and it was decided, no doubt weighted by the current financial constraints on the Police, that DSFRS would be best placed to jointly share it and as their drivers are HGV trained etc.
    Painted by CityBus it now waits for a completely new passenger audience


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