08 December 2010

Its not all cuts

A few minor changes to timetables for Plymouth Citybus from 9th January 2011:
Service 13
This service is to operate hourly during the day Monday to Fridays except Bank Holidays. The service is to be withdrawn on Saturdays.
Service 25
The Sunday service is to be withdrawn. But will return in the summer operating from the first Sunday in May to the last Sunday in September each year. No changes to the Monday to Saturday timetables
Service 31
The Saturday service is to be withdrawn. No changes to the Monday to Friday timetable.
Service 47
New Sunday service operating hourly between the City Centre and Delamere Road via Deer Park. No changes to the Monday to Saturday timetables This last one is a surprise in that its an extra service rather than a cutback! All of these are changes made by Plymouth City Council as supported services. It is also interesting that the new logo has yet to appear on the PDF timetables within the Citybus web site.
The final small snippet of news concerns "Dennis Dart" who is apparently back on the road, although this time he has morphed into fleet number 45! Yet to see it myself so thanks to 'DoddyUK' for the report.
One thing I look for when on my travels is the external presentation of buses. I’m very critical, especially of my own Omnibuses
Black Velvet Travel have a new bus in service. Dennis Dart SLF/Pointer 2 162 (S162BMR) was acquired to replace one of two DAFs that suffered severe fire damage. 162's life began with Thamesdown in Swindon Southern England Bus Scene


  1. Think you may find that Dennis has just gone through puberty!!

  2. have they not just changed pippi to dennis?

    I did think Pippi was no 45

  3. I can confirm that Dennis is still Dennis - for the time being.

  4. I had forgotten that 45 was Pippi as I dont have access to my old fleet lists and have had to rebuild them from scratch. certainly 45 now carries Dennis Dart names on the back.


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