31 December 2010

2010- every little helps

Well we have reached the end of the year so I guess now is as good a time as any to look back at how this little blog has performed over the last twelve months.
At the end of last year this site was receiving aprox 4000 visits a month which I thought was amazing. Since August this year it has been over 6000 a month which is even more amazing to me.
So where are these visitors coming from?
Its no surprise that most come from this country but over 10% come from the USA. The third country in the list - Israel!

I can also see that there are small numbers of visitors viewing the site on mobile devices including 29 who are using the Sony PSP - which I didn't realise was possible!
The main referrers to the site are pretty much as expected:
The excellent Omnibuses blog being top with the other local blog - PTOTPA also sending quite a few across. The new Southern England Bus Scene is now sending a fair few too.
It was when I started looking at the most popular posts over the last year (although the count only started in April) that I got the biggest shock as there are three posts which outshine all the others by a considerable margin:
Number 1: Tesco Bus Timetables
Number 2: Citybus timetable changes September 2010
Number 3: The most expensive bus in the world
The top two I can kind of understand as I am sure people were searching for the timetables but the last one is most odd, especially as it dates back to 2007 - and is still ranked in the top five pages most months, indeed its the fifth most viewed posting this week! "Most expensive bus" being the 4th most popular search that has brought people to my site!

One of the joys this last year for me has been the excellent collection of photos from Jos Van Hemert that he has allowed me to use on Plymothian Transit. So we end the year with another of his shots with this fine Atlantean on the X50 taken at the top of my road way back on the 18th July 1987. Appropriately enough it is in the livery of Tesco for their Roborough Superstore. PCB Leyland Atlantean AN 130 - Ply., Keswick Cr - 18-07-1987 (2)
©Jos Van Hemert: PCB Leyland Atlantean AN 130 - Ply., Keswick Cr - 18-07-1987
So to end 2010 I want to thank all the visitors, especially those that have contributed either through comments or allowing me to use their photos etc. The next post will be looking ahead to what we might expect to see in 2011. Hopefully my crystal ball will work better than it did this time last year! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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