08 January 2007

Most expensive bus in the world?

© Nick Rice
Today was the first day in service for the new Park and Ride double deckers and they were featured on BBC Spotlight who seemed impressed by the standard of comfort on these buses.
Even more impressive was the investment in these buses...
New park and ride buses costing about £14m have begun operational service in a Devon city.
The new vehicles are designed to be eco-friendly, needing 20% less fuel than other models and producing fewer greenhouse gasses. The double deckers have TV screens, radio sockets, leather seats and CCTV cameras, which First Devon and Cornwall hopes will entice passengers on board. The buses are being used on the service between Roborough and Plymouth.
The fuel they use is a special mix containing an ingredient similar to cows' urine, which is said to reduce atmospheric emissions.
This means each bus costs £1,555,000 each!
Now that really would be transforming travel!

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  1. It's not fair - your Park & Ride buses are loads better than ours here in Nottingham.

    Anyway, I'm trying to find out more about the computer systems on these buses. Anyone know who supplied them? Thanks.


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