30 December 2010

I wish they’d leave it alone

There was one entry on VOSA on 24th December which caught my eye:
Variation Accepted: Operating between City Centre and City Centre given service number 15 effective from 20-Feb-2011. To amend Route and Timetable.

It does seem that the 15 is getting more than its fair share of changes. It does seem a popular route and it does offer something different to Citybus unlike the other Ugobus routes which were introduced (and now mostly dropped). You cant help but feel that if they left it alone for a while it should grow.
Its a bit early to discover exactly what the planned changes are but surely they cant be cutting it back again? My best guess is they are going to take it back out of Marjon which has been a real pain especially on runs from Mainstone to Derriford. Well I hope its that anyway!
P1030669 It also appears that the Northern Connect Taxibus is finally coming to an end in the new year too. They are off this week and then it looks like they will be back for the first week in January and then finish altogether. As has been the case with this service right from the beginning, the drivers themselves only seem to hear of these changes at the very last minute so things may yet change but I am not holding my breath.

The future of the UK's largest municipal bus operator was confirmed just before Christmas, when councillors in Edinburgh wholeheartedly placed their support for Lothian Buses to remain independent for the foreseeable future. A Transport of Delight
2011 will be a momentous year. Some things are certain and others far from it. The bus industry needs to play its part. Omnibuses
From 10 January, the Silver Choice overnight Glasgow-London coach service will become part of First's Greyhound operation with a makeover that will see First compete with National Express and Stagecoach's Megabus services for the overnight Anglo-Scottish express coach service market. A Transport of Delight
No one should ever throw children off a bus because they haven’t the correct—or any—fare. There are (or should be) procedures that involve names, addresses and promises. Omnibuses
One of my favourites was by Willowbrook of Loughborough who supplied Devon General with six new buses in 1966. Busworld Photography
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  1. How about put it back as it was, take it out of Marjons and re route in citycentre via North Hill to Drakes Circus instead of North Road east. It was more reliable time wise when it did this.

    And it would be nice now they have removed the UGOBUS 7 to reintroduce a Sunday service 15 even if only hourly (probably not though I Guess!!)

  2. Have you noticed 20th Feb is a Sunday, am I right in saying that they would normally do it from Monday if it was a Mon to Sat service ??? Perhaps a Sunday service returning ?????

  3. apparently its being changed to improve timekeeping - Derriford just screws everything up

  4. Several drivers have suggested that the timetable needs to change as timekeeping is an issue so hopefully it will be an improvement. The timetable for the current 'special service' this week is crazy as it allows far too much time in the morning at least. Has to sit at Marjon and Derriford for about 5 mins to acvoid running early!


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