02 November 2010

Northern Connect Taxibus back up and running

The one - off Northern Connect Taxibus is now back up and running again this morning. It is not quite running to the full timetable though as the new company TaxiFirst are running just the two taxis on the route rather than three as before. Apparently a new timetable is being drawn up shortly working with Plymouth City Council. The other big change is that they are using standard black cabs on the route now instead of the previous red and yellow livered cabs which did help them stand out from other taxis.
At the moment the cabs are running to a roughly half hour service. The drivers know their regular passengers and where and when to expect them
Hopefully once the new timetables are sorted it should all settle down again.
The other pleasant suprise this week was a Dennis Trident on the 15, the first double decker used on this service. This has come off the 7 so should be a regular occurence on the route from now on. The only other 15 I saw yesterday was one of the Volvo B6 Wright buses. The trip into Marjon wasnt a problem in the morning but the traffic at Derriford last night was horrible so I can only guess at how late the 15s were running. My own bus home, the 50 was running behind the one due 15 mins after it. It then ran out of service drop off only so I ended up getting home nice and quickly although passengers waiting where I got off were complaining of waiting for 40 mins.
This is another emailed posting but I hope to  get back to some sort of order shorrtly as I am setting up the old PC again before sending mine back to Mesh
because Plymouth needs an anorak or two


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  1. Just been told by an attendant at George Junction that they're running once an hour, at half past the hour. A lot of people are going to be unhappy if this is the case (including me who is late for work!)


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