08 November 2010

Plymoth Prototype

British Rail/Leyland prototype 'Pacer' dmu 140001 at Plymouth 3rd July 1981.
03/07/1981 - Plymouth.
©53A Models of Hull Collection (David Smythe)
Thanks 53A Models for permission to use this shot of the prototype Pacer DMU at Plymouth in 1981. I had absolutely no interest in trains at that time so all of this passed me by. Thanks to the internet we can now all have access to great shots like this. For more quality railway photos visit the 53A Models Flickr collection.
Finally - I recommend you have a look at the PTOTPA post below for the new look Tavy Link bus. I only saw it for the first time on Sunday so it was good to see a decent photo on his site.

With the recent changes to the Tavistock services First are undertaking a re-branding for the service with yet more updates for the ageing Volvo B6s PTOTPA
it’s perhaps a sign of the times that Alexander Dennis now has a dedicated “Star Quality” micro-website complete with movie top help sell its Enviro200 Dart. Omnibuses
The Wright Group has made extraordinary progress since it first entered bus production only some 40 years ago Leon Daniels
On 1st May 2004, I visited Bognor Regis in West Sussex for the first time, and despite being young at the time, had a fantastic day photographing buses in the town centre. Southern England Bus Scene
It is clear that if the DfT gets its way, operators' income will reduce by more than the 20% reduction in BSOG from April 2012. Manchester Transport
When there was so much bus variety as there was in Portugal it was easy to overlook the most common types like this Mercedes seen in Porto. Busworld Photography
I look back wistfully at the days of my youth when the family used to spend time together doing the traditional thing on Boxing Day: watching The Box (on 405 lines, in black & white and on a tiny screen). For this is whence Boxing Day gets its name, from the TV. Omnibuses
Know your Killerton. TGP Public
In our neck of the woods, the end-of-season rally takes place at the Lincolnshire Road Transport Museum, Whisby Road, Doddington, on the south-eastern fringe of Lincoln. A Transport of Delight
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  1. My knowledge of railway dmu's is slight but was this the dmu that had two wheels at each end, not bogies, and could not cope with the sharp curves of the Bere Alston to Gunnislake line? Perhaps someone knows?


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