28 April 2010

Dennis Dart Superstar

Dennis Dart - being promoted by Citybus
Plymouth Citybus are really pushing Dennis Dart at the moment...
Dennis Dart is now on Twitter. Follow his daily escapades at http://twitter.com/DennisDartBus Dennis will try and let you know what routes he is on and what schools he will be visiting. Don't forget to wave if you see him out and about
He is also now on Facebook:
Dennis Dart is now on Facebook. Find him HERE
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A nice post about Dennis Dart appeared on the Route One Facebook page...
Plymouth Citybus has launched a major new initiative to encourage children to safely use school and scheduled bus services in the region. The Dennis Dart School Safety Bus Project is based on a children’s book Dennis Dart Goes To School, written by the bus company’s Marketing Manager Sylvia Bird. Using a dart single deck bus liveried as Dennis, schools in the city will be offered the opportunity for Dennis and his driver to visit.
Free copies of the book will be issued to pupils who participate in the presentation that covers how to safely travel by bus. There will also be a competition to win a family travel ticket. To encourage more families to travel by bus, a discounted ticket offer will be made to all pupils within the especially created training packs.
“We will be visiting as many schools as possible over the coming months with Dennis Dart,” said Sylvia Bird. “By instructing children at an early age how to find out about bus services and safely travel and behave with consideration to other passengers, with or without a guardian, we hope to encourage more young people to go by bus. There are many children who have never caught a bus.”
The project, funded entirely by the Go Ahead Group owned Plymouth Citybus, has been well received by schools in the region.
Pupils from class 1D at the Riverside Community Primary School, St Budeaux in Plymouth, were the first participate in the project. With Teacher Jenny Dibben, they joined in the safety quiz before enjoying a short ride on Dennis Dart. A colouring competition was issued to each of the 5 year olds and yoyos and stickers as part of the package.
School tours of the bus depot will also be arranged to see behind the scenes and see some of the vehicles which inspired the characters in the book.
The information and book for the Dennis Dart School Safety Project will be available at Waterstones in Drake Circus, Plymouth between 1100 and 1400 on Saturday 1 May.
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Dennis Dart Bus 27 April
19:23 Citybus sylv is on with sparksy tomorrow at 0715! Dennis loves Sylv.

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  1. shame its a stepped bus, not very inclusive, my son is in a wheelchair and loves buses but because citybus are cheapskates they are using a clapped out stepped bus! :-(

  2. You can't really call them cheapskates. While it's unfortunate your son cannot get on, it would be of much less conveniece to others to use a low floor bus as "Dennis Dart" and keep a step entrance bus in daily public service.

  3. the stepped bus is in service anyway, i have seen it on the 46


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