06 March 2010

The Go-Aheadism of Citybus continues

 Go-Ahead to transfer more Solos to replace the Mercedes 709s
SOME of Plymouth's ageing fleet of single-decker Mercedes buses are to be pensioned off.
Citybus's new owner, Go-Ahead, is transferring 12 Optare Solo vehicles from its bus companies in the South and North of England. The single deck, easy access buses will replace the Mercedes 709s that have been in the fleet since 1995.
Andrew Wickham, managing director at Plymouth Citybus, said that more than £70,000 would be invested to refurbish the vehicles inside and out, with the addition of new destination displays and CCTV cameras. "The new liveried buses will be introduced into service over the next few months after our fitters and spray shop teams complete the refurbishments," Mr Wickham said.

This is Plymouth

We of course already have 4 of them in Plymouth currently being refurbished so hopefully it wont be too long before the first one enters service.

I do like one of the comments on the story though:

"Why don't Go-ahead buy all the bendy buses that Boris Johnson is forcing the London Bus system to sell. There must be a good deal to be done and they would be useful, capacious and look quite smart around Plymouth"

Clearly they don't know that Go-Ahead already own more of the bendy buses than they know what to do with! The ex London bendy buses are slowly starting to find new uses with some heading for Liverpool (Arriva) and within Go-Ahead both Wilts and Dorset and Brighton & Hove are also trialling bendy buses in service. I am sure it wont be long before Citybus get to try one. I am sure there are a few routes which could accommodate bendy buses in Plymouth, although the biggest obstacle is always going to be Royal Parade which clearly struggles to cope with the load it already has. I guess we will have to wait and see!
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  1. i like the way its being made to look like a investment, nothing to do with the DDA law coming into force soon??

  2. It is still an investment - the buses cost money even if they are transfers from within the group. Citybus were looking to replace the older Mercs before they were taken over, its just a bit easier for them now as part of a large group


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