07 March 2010

Sunday Best: GDR201N

A classic in many ways

76 (GDR201N) ©AEC Regent
"This was the first numerically of the AN68 type of Atlanteans for Plymouth, here seen at Bretonside bus station. Those of this batch (76-90) had Park Royal bodywork. Later deliveries had similar bodywork, but by Roe."

A classic shot of a classic Plymouth Citybus Atlantean in a classic livery. I wont go so far as to say its a classic location, but at least in this view you don't get the full horror of Bretonside Bus Station, and it actually looks quite a nice day.
Don't forget to visit AECRegents Photostream for more great photos like this one with over 9700 photos to see. Might take a while!
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