11 February 2010

The Go-Aheadism of Citybus continues…

 Simplification of the network
Citybus have announced (on their Facebook page) that they are looking to simplify their bus network...
Plymouth Citybus is looking to simplify the its bus network to make it more direct and easier to use Your views are important and if you would like to offer any suggestions/ideas please use the contact form on our website or drop a letter into our travel shop We will be unable to reply to every letter but everyone will be read We would like to start the changes in June 2010 so your ideas need to be with us by March.
The notice that is going onto their buses can be seen here
The other bit of news from Citybus is that their web site is being revamped very shortly to bring it up to the usual (very) high standard that other Go-Ahead Group companies enjoy. No firm date yet, but the word is it looks great!
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