09 February 2010

Wheelchair accessible vehicles are available

Advertising the opposition

I did manage to get out yesterday with my camera to try and catch up on the transport scene. It was freezing cold down at Marsh Mills and I am amazed I didn't get frostbite on my hands, but I still managed to take 384 photos in all, which included my 1000th photo with the new camera - not bad for three weeks! I am sure it will take me ages to get them all sorted and online but I have managed a few including Citybus 39 which has eluded me so far. Plymouth Citybus 039 T139EFJ It is in this bright yellow advert wrap for a local taxi firm. I have made my feelings known about the wisdom of advertising the opposition before so I wont go one again (much). Having said that, I have to admit it is a bright well thought out design (on the off side at least) which does its job very well, unlike many of these advert wraps.
Plymouth Citybus 039 T139EFJ I do like the message on the nearside, by the door: "Wheelchair accessible vehicles available" - almost as good as a bus then!
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5th Feb
14:34 PLYMOUTH: Diversion of ugobus service 6 around Holwood Avenue due to waterworks for 4 weeks from Monday 8th February
6th Feb
11:56 Don't forget if you're in Tavistock today pop down to our park and ride event at Bedford square. Lots of freebies & you can see the P&R bus
7th Feb
10:27 TAVISTOCK: don't forget there's a new timetable for service 89 from tomorrow. See the service changes section of www.firstgroup.com/devon
Citybus on Twitter / Facebook 5 Feb 2010
nothing to say!

PlymTransit on Twitter

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