13 November 2009

Go Ahead for Plymouth

Go-Ahead Group has beaten off competition from Stagecoach to become the preferred bidder for Plymouth CityBus

Go-Ahead Group has beaten off competition from Stagecoach to become the preferred bidder for Plymouth CityBus.
Completion is subject to final due diligence and full council approval, expected at the end of November. Owned by Plymouth City Council, it operates 173 buses and 11 coaches from a large freehold depot in the centre of Plymouth, and carries 14 million passengers a year.
Go-Ahead Chief Executive Keith Ludeman says: “We are very pleased to have been selected as the preferred bidder and are now working closely with Plymouth City Council to complete the deal.
“Plymouth CityBus has an excellent reputation and fits well with our strategy of investing in high quality bus companies in urban areas which then maintain a strong local brand and high degree of autonomy to ensure close links to local customers and other stakeholders.”  Go Ahead Official News Release

A bus stopped at a bus stop (by Elsie esq.) © Elsie Esq (Creative commons)
As I posted last night Brighton & Hove are the UK Bus Operator of the Year, beating Western Greyhound. They certainly know a thing about promoting their services and have shown a willingness to keep strong local identities. Assuming the sale does proceed then it all bodes well for Plymouth Citybus. I am sure there will be more to say on this over the comings weeks!
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  1. So what will First make of that ??? At least it's not Stagecoach I would think!

  2. Still sad that it's being sold off in such a shambolic process, but the fact that Go Ahead has beaten stagecoach has made my day, if only for the fact that the Citybus Livery will be retaned and that Go Ahead seem to be quite good at managing local fleets.

  3. Good news for Plymouth bus passengers. Competition should be based on high quality bus services with a strong local identity (just like Plymouth Citybus actually!)


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