18 February 2010

Citybus goes Solo

First Citybus Solo out of paint shop

Plymouth Citybus 210 VU52UEE © Brian George
Plymouth Citybus 210 is the first of the 4 Optare Solos to come out of the paint shop. Thanks to Brian and Ralph for the photos.

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Feb 17
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  1. Looks pretty tidy - I like! Take it the blue stickers either side of the routebox are to subtly advertise the low floor to people used to breadvans?

  2. Those blue stickers were already on them when they arrived.Nice livery but I thought we were promised something new?

  3. I think it is about time the Plymouth Citybus livery was funked up a bit! Its still like a corporation livery and its time to move on and start attracting motorists onto buses!!!


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