28 August 2008

First moves in mysterious ways!

Every now and again a post generates a lot more interest than the others - and yesterdays photo certainly generated a lot of discussion both here on the blog and also the the bus discussion groups.

One thing that has been confirmed is that there are 5 currently due and that they are not for the 14/18 routes down in Cornwall. This much has been confirmed by Marc Reddy but he is keeping details of their proposed use close to his chest! With the current climate of competition in Plymouth (more on this soon) that is understandable.

First Group are having lots of fun with their standard Volvo / Wright buses at the moment with quite a few moving around between fleets 'on loan'. The FDC batch have come to us from Somerset & Avon and it seems are still expected back in Yorkshire later in the year. A large number of them are expected to be released from First in Manchester later in the year and it seems that some are on their way down to FDC with 9 possibly bound for the 14/18 in Cornwall. It remains to be seen if any come to Plymouth to replace the loaned buses - assuming that they are still 'loans'

First Group quite rightly looks at the whole fleet picture across the country and will allocate their fleet as they see fit to meet demand. Plans can be made well ahead, but the group can of course change those plans at very short notice in reaction to events anywhere in the country. That is why there is a national livery and a national fleet number scheme. We bus enthusiasts are very good at discussing plans and making educated guesses at / predictions of fleet movements, but as ever with First Group - its always a case of wait and see what happens.

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