27 August 2008

Oh Eights Oh Wow!

I spent the afternoon down at Marsh Mills taking photos of just about anything which caught my attention during the three hour stint. Plenty of interesting and useful photos taken but the real surprise was kept back to almost the end of the spell.

First Devon and Cornwall YJ08CFE

Brand new Volvo single decker bus for FDC! Certainly carries full FDC legal lettering so appears to be staying rather than just a loan? It would be good to see a few more of these down here in Plymouth but it remains to be seen where they end up.

Are there anymore out there?


  1. there going to replace the darts on the 14's and 18's in cornwall

  2. their are whispers they will first be used on the new 11 service to honiknowle then i heard pr2 and or saltash's

  3. i got told from a first bus controller that

    2 will be used on pr2
    3 on 1-1a on cretin journeys

    They are going to run darts and optars on the 11 & 15

  4. I've read the staff FDC newsletter that notes that these will be being used on the 14 and 18 in Cornwall. Full story at www.ptotpa.blogspot.com

  5. thats right they are takin some darts off of pr2 to run the 11 service although the new 15 route has been risk assesed for single and double deckers it will most likley be optares and varios


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