26 August 2008


I have been 'home alone' with child this last few days so spent most of the time indoors and haven't really got out much at all, but today I did manage a round trip into town - the long way round!

Zak decided he wanted a double deck ride and a taxibus ride so it was a taxibus ride to The George and then straight onto a very noisy (lots of rattles) Enviro doubledecker to town. Cant say I have noticed much noise on these buses before but even Zak asked why it was so noisy.

We didn't really have any reason to go to town, other than we needed a bottle of milk so it was just twenty mins or so taking a few photos and chatting with my friend Dave who was filling in an extra duty on and Park and Ride for a change.

One bus we did get on camera was FDC 48267 - it was making life difficult for other buses down on Royal Parade. It got even more difficult once the recovery truck arrived to take it home!

First Devon and Cornwall 48267 W607PAFFirst Devon and Cornwall 48267 W607PAF

Then back home on the Park and Ride and then another Taxibus back home. Mum is now back from her weekend away so I get a day out tomorrow all by myself!

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  1. I ride on the B6BLE's every day. The engines on the all the original W-PAF batch are absolutely clapped out, sounding just like bolts in a washing machine. They have real troble getting away from traffic lights and can't get up any kind of slope either. Seeing one blown up is no suprise at all.

    The W-PFB batch are okay, and the 51 reg ex York buses are very good, with plenty of power to play with, and have barely any rattles at all!


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