26 July 2023

Plymouth Citybus Fleet Update: Enviro 200s

Over the next few days we have a few fleet updates for Plymouth Citybus.

135 WA56HHN Withdrawn

Plymouth Citybus 135 WA56HHN Plymouth Citybus 135 WA08LDF Plymouth Citybus 135 Plymouth Citybus 135 WA56HHN Plymouth City Centre 28 May 2022

160 YX09FLR Withdrawn

Plymouth City Centre 28 May 2022 This one of course came from Target Travel...

Target Travel YX09FLR PSVC Trip TargetTravel


  1. Gutted to see 135 go - I was a big fan of the first livery that bus had. Seats were also pretty comfy but pretty noisy in it's later days and did look very very past its best.

    I thought 160 was still in a good state - seeing as it's only an 09 plate and not used that much. What caused it's withdrawal?

    Do we know what's their next destination is?

  2. Not been down Milehouse in ages - what's on the gravelpit? Anyone got an up-to-date photo? Probs just Citaros and old Enviros?

    1. Some Solo SRs still, a couple other old with drawn bits of stock being cannibalised for parts and it is used to house overflow for engineering too. 94 has started to have work done to it as well, unsure what the plan is for that yet.

  3. If anyone has the chance to grab a quick photo and to whack it on Flickr that would be much appreciated as I’m out of area at the moment.

    Surely 94 isn’t worth repairing when money could be spent on 160 or perhaps another new old bus… Anyone know of the plan for it.

    What state are the Solo’s in? I assume not for Pcb use lol

  4. 94 is a Citaro that's not even on the training fleet anymore? Unless i’m being blind I assume its just been left to rot on the gravel for ages and now they’re doing stuff to it? Anyone know what exactly or what use its gonna have?

    I assume its not going back into service to cover the shortage of buses we have at the moment…. seeing as we’ve just lost 2 E200s and if you include the 22** batch then thats a load more?

    1. well according to other rumours, the 700s batch of MAN Gas buses are leaving too and possibly the 6000s Scanias as they're a nightmare to maintain. the 13/14 E400s in the 4000s isn't going to cover those loses, and apart from a small rumour coming from Oxford, there's no new buses coming in...

  5. would be glad to see the 700's go - as unique as they are they're just uncomfortable and look tired...

    And the 6000's are well past their best so they should naturally go first - but that's 18 double-deckers out the fleet and with no immediate replacements (unless someone knows something I don't) and the 4000's are still in use.


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