27 July 2023

Plymouth Citybus Fleet Update: Enviro 400s dual doored

The fleet updates continue with the following Enviro 400’s now in Reserve

477 LX56EUB
478 LX06FKO
488 LX56ETV
489 LX56EUA

As you can see from the photos below these remained un-rebuilt dual door buses. Plymouth Citybus 477 LX56EUB Beauty and the Enviro

478 © Nick Rice (cc) LX56EUA


  1. That's a lot of buses in reserve but then to be honest citybus will probs end up using them non-stop soon enough....

    Are there any incoming buses to replace these? Surely we don't have enough in the fleet as is, that's not even including these 4.

  2. Update on the later batch-4013 now in tramlines, was on the gravel yesterday.

    1. 4013 also now includes the GoAhead logo as part of the standard livery alongside PCB.

    2. Would be interesting*


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