11 November 2020

Passing Through?

The four Scania/ Wrights purchased earlier this year are not expected to last much longer and therefore it seems wont be appearing in Citybus livery. Two of them appear to be regulars on the 23/24 routes at the moment.

375 NK55OLM 376 NK54NVZ

Plymouth Citybus 375 NK55OLM

Plymouth Citybus 375 NK55OLM

Plymouth Citybus 376 NK54NVZPlymouth Citybus 376 NK54NVZ


  1. Graham, There are 5 not 4, 374-378.

  2. 374 377 378 all parked on gravel cos they keep breaking down !

    1. I am not surprised. It was a long way to travel from the north east to Plymouth, for these 15/16 year old buses!

  3. 378 was parked in front of the workshops this afternoon, perhaps being repaired and returned to service?

  4. 16/11/20 - 376 still in service, on route 24


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