09 November 2020

tally ho Strata

Having been in self imposed lockdown since March and working from home I have hardly been out which is partly why things have been so quiet here. However, now we have entered into National Lockdown 2.0 I strangely have had to start going out and will be in the City Centre every day for the next 3-4 weeks so that means I might as well take a few photos while I am there…

Todays effort taken between showers is this nice little Mercedes Sprinter / Mellor Strata for Tally Ho Coaches which had just come in on service 49

Tally Ho LL20NYC

Tally Ho LL20NYC

Tally Ho LL20NYC


  1. It also does the 94 to Noss Mayo - the 49 and 94 are operated as a one-vehicle contract.

    1. Thanks Julian - didnt realise that - although I did see her on the 94 this morning

  2. Looks like the statue is about to run to catch the bus


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