29 July 2019

Fleet Lists

One of the biggest bug bears of the last few months with my last PC was not being able to keep my fleet lists up to date as everything was taking too long. Now I am up and running again  I have made a fresh start on my fleet lists so over the coming weeks I will hopefully get them all up to date, along with a few new ones.

For the techies out there I am now using a combination  of Office and Google as Excel is much better to work with updating the lists but Google Drive is far superior in displaying the lists. (Office gives me massive storage but has a limit of 5mb for sharing Excel lists on line which is crazy)

The first few lists are now available and can be found on my Fleet lists page as per the link above or the individual links below. As always please feel free to point out any errors / corrections / updates etc!

Target Travel

Target Travel YJ08PKA

Tamar Coaches

Tamar Coaches  H 13TCL

Country Bus

Country Bus 320 YJ11EKH

Out of the area I have also been working on my Go Ahead Group fleets with a couple now available

Social Media Posts

28/07/2019 19:11 South West Falcon

Plymouth Due to the M5 closure, its having an affect on all our South-Bound services. Unfortunately the 1900 from Plymouth is delayed by around 90 minutes.

28/07/19 17:02 South West Falcon

Plymouth The 1720 Falcon Service from Plymouth will be delayed approximately 1 hour due to the M5 being closed and affecting our South-Bound services severely. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

28/07/19 15:52 Plymouth Citybus

Service update: Due to an operational issue, the service #pcb20 due to leave the city centre at 15:50 is operating approximately 20 minutes late.

28/07/2019 15:37 Highways England

M5 Southbound J29 #Exeter is temporarily closed following a spillage. Please follow diversion signs as a minor diversion is in place. We are already working towards resolving the spillage and will update you when it is cleared.

28/07/19 15:24 Cornwall by Kernow

Due To Passenger being ill the 15.05 47 services From Truro Is Not running at This moment Will keep you you Up to date (15:31 - 15.05 47 services From Truro Is up and running about 20 Mins late)

28/07/2019 13:42 Stagecoach South West

Barnstaple Due to heavy traffic in Braunton service 21/21a are suffering delays of 30 mins.

28/07/2019 13:19 South West Falcon

Plymouth Due to operational issues, the 1200 Falcon will not be running from Plymouth. It will resume its service from Taunton at 1358 going North-bound and continue as normal.

28/07/2019 12:22 Cornwall by Kernow

T2 & The T1 are running up to twenty minutes late due to the sheer volume of traffic.

28/07/2019 10:52 South West Falcon

#PLYMOUTH the 1100 falcon service from Plymouth is running 40 minutes late due to technical difficulties, we are sorry for the delays.

28/07/2019  09:17South West Falcon

PLYMOUTH the 0900 falcon service from Plymouth is running 25 minutes late, we are sorry for the delays.

28/07/2019 08:49 Stagecoach South West

#Barnstaple #Bude Due to operational difficulties the 0835 6 Bude to Exeter will be delayed. Sorry for any inconvenience


  1. Will their be an Aline Coaches fleet list added? As they are practically at Plymouth

    1. I have a few Cornwall operators on my todo list so yes - eventually

  2. Oakley's have 7 vehicles on eBay,both party buses, all the DD, a Neoplan and a B12B VH.


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