28 July 2019

Ocean City Sightseeing

In the latest set of notices just published on VOSA is the cancellation of  PH0000135/215:

  • Licence: PH0000135.215
  • Route Number: OCS
  • Start Point: City Centre
  • Via: Barbican, West Hoe, Royal William Yard, Rail Station, University
  • End Point: City Centre
  • Other Details: Cancel
  • Received: 24-Jul-2019
  • Effective: 01-Sep-2019
  • Accepted: 25-Jul-2019
  • No end date
  • Event Type: Cancelled applications
  • N & P:  0
  • N & P Section: 0
  • Event Description:  Cancellation Accepted by SN
  • Final Published: DCT169
  • VOSA: PH0000135/215

Although this is the end of the Summer season so normally would not raise eyebrows, it was stated at the start that it was intended to be an all year round operation. We will have to wait and see what happens next year!

In the meantime its an opportunity to bring both the two new open toppers in the same post…

Plymouth Citybus 468 LX06EZD

Plymouth Citybus 469 LX06EZE

Social Media Posts

27/07/2019 Cornwall by Kernow

Service 21 and 93. Due to an impromptu road closure, we are currently unable to serve St Columb road, Indian Queens or Higher Fraddon on these services. the nearest bus stop will be along Parka Road. Apologies for any inconvenience caused

27/07/2019 Cornwall by Kernow

Service 85. Unfortunately, due to delays and a previous breakdown, the 17:05 Newquay to Truro will now not be running. We apologise for any inconvenience caused

27/07/2019 16:55 SW Falcon

#Plymouth Falcon 1630 off bristol Airport has stopped service due to a break down. it was due into Plymouth at 1900. We are going to get this coach running again as soon as possible

27/07/2019 16:41 Megabus

The M36 11:40 Leeds to Plymouth will depart Birmingham with a 75 minute delay. Birmingham 15:35 Bristol UWE 17:35 Bristol 18:00 Exeter 20:05 Plymouth Uni 21:15 Plymouth 21:20

27/07/2019 13:36 Cornwall by Kernow

The 1305 A5 Newquay to Padstow has broken down at Newquay Airport. A replacement bus is on the way but it will be running approximately 30 minutes late. The 1445 return service will also be affected.

27/07/2019 10:13 Cornwall by Kernow

Good Morning from Eden Depot. All of our services have left the yard and are on their way to their start points. Service 101 continues on diversion, unfortunately not able to serve Moorland Rd, St. Austell. see previous post with regards to road closure at Duporth/Charlestown

27/07/2019 09:45 Stagecoach SW

#Plymouth the 09:23 2 service St stephens to Royal Parade will not be running. Sorry for any inconvenience caused

27/07/2019 09:34 Stagecoach SW

#Plymouth The 09:30 1 Service from Tavistock to Plymouth will be running 15 minutes late, due to operational issues

27/07/2019 08:26 Cornwall by Kernow

Morning, Just to remind passenger using the 16.25 95 service from Truro to Wadebridge and Bude that this bus cannot serve Trelill or St Teath due to the Carnival, bus will operate via the A39 Allen Valley between St Kew highway and Knights Mill, then normal route.

27/07/2019 08:00 National Express Updates

STOP CLOSURE: Wadebridge St Columb Major St Columb Minor Newquay (Porth Four Turns) Bodmin (Chy Trevail) Sat 27 July Service 504 13:00 departing London will not serve the stops above The nearest served stop is Bodmin & Newquay. The stops will be served at all other times.

27/07/2019 07:58 Stagecoach SW

#Barnstaple 0755 155 Tiverton to Exeter will be delayed 25mins. Sorry for any inconvenience

27/07/2019 05:55 Cornwall by Kernow (several tweets combined…)

Due to the Wadebridge carnival we will be unable to serve the town centre between 1830 and 2000. Services affected are the 1838 95 from St Columb Major to Wadebridge and the 1731 95 from Bude to Truro. We will be able to serve Wadebridge Tesco only! Service 95 will be unable to serve Trelill or St Teath from 1600 to 2000 due to the St Teath Carnival. The 1532 service from Bude to St Columb Major and the 1625 service from Truro to Bude will use the A39 Allen Valley to Kinightsmill. Service 25 (from Fowey at 1015 and 1115) (from St Austell 1056 and 1156) will not be able to serve Duporth or bottom of Charlestown due to the fun Triathlon taking place. Penrice Hospital and Charlestown Church Road will still be served as normal. We will be unable to serve Perranporth due to road closures during the Carnival 1840 to 2045 The following services will serve Perran Sands Holiday Camp only; Service 87 - 1850 Newquay to Truro and 1810 1905 Truro to Newquay Service A4 - 1820 St Ives to Goonhavern


  1. Does anyone know if it been a success? My viewpoint is everytime i see 1 regardless of when or where it seems a white elephant as it only got 2 or 3 people on. unlike last year when it was 361 on the 25 it seemed busy. Maybe the best thing is to go back a year and run the 25 as open top all year and just have it as a normal open top route not a sightseeing tour.like go south coast do on the 50 in dorset. Then in holidays maybe extend running time and run both e400s and they pay there keep through the winter. But then again someone may say my viee on ocs is wrong

    1. The problem last year was the 25 was regularly running late, 'chasing it's own tail' on a 30 minute headway; this year OCS rarely has more than a handful of passengers, the most I have seen is about a dozen, whilst other times the bus has appeared to be empty (I live in West Hoe). Running both e400s on a 40 minute headway in the holidays, maybe also on summer Saturdays, should give sufficient running time. Summer Sundays is another matter though as the 25 runs only hourly and is inter-linked with the 5.

  2. Unfortunately, i have heard it's been rather underwhelming as a service - not many people using it, especially not many tourists, then again, the Summer holidays have only just begun!

  3. This service is cancelled at end of month. This despite website promise of 'year round service'. We got group Exlorer with Stagecoach travel to and from Plymouth on Gold and did all the toppers in Torbay, Hop 122 etc for less than Citybus wanted for a trip round the barbican so not surprised it's failed. Can't see it coming back.


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