27 July 2019

Devon & Cornwall Transit 165

The weekly look at service changes across Devon & Cornwall. As usual please click through on the Licence number for more details and full route histories on the PTBS web site. Links to Traveline and other timetables and maps are provided below where possible, but always check with the operators own web site for up to date information before you travel!

The following service changes are planned for this coming week 29 July to 4th August:

Stagecoach Devon Ltd • PH1020951

LicenceRouteStart PointEnd PointEffectiveNotes
PH1020951.301  18 Plymouth, Royal Parade Elburton 28-Jul-2019

Nothing published by Stagecoach - very minor change on one journey

Raymond Stanley Borkowski • PH1015203

Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes
PH1015203.001   1 Kings down Tail Campsite Sidmouth 01-Aug-2019 Timetable amended
Details of bus services HERE

The following forthcoming changes have been registered over the last week

Plymouth Citybus timetables changing on the 1st September..

Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective Notes OPERATOR
PH0000135.094   5 5a Elburton City Centre- Saltash 01-Sep-2019 Revise terminal points & redistribute running time. Revised early evening service to/from Saltash & additional late journey to Elburton PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD
PH0000135.171  11A 11B Bodmin Parkway Padstow 01-Sep-2019 1520 from Padstow via Callywith withdrawn & replaced by standard journey at 1530 PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD
PH0000135.146  27 27A 27B City Centre Crownhill 01-Sep-2019 Redistributue running time. Revise most evening journeys to run 10 minutes later PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD
PH0000135.005  28 28a 28b City Centre Estover, Asda 01-Sep-2019 Most evening journeys 10 minutes later PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD
PH0000135.149  42 42C City Centre Woolwell 01-Sep-2019 Redistribute running times Monday to Friday & revise Bank Holiday timetable PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD
PH0000135.008  42A 42B 42D City Centre Southway 01-Sep-2019 Revise inbound times on Sundays & Bank Holidays PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD
PH0000135.076  50 51 Derriford Derriford 01-Sep-2019 Revise Sunday & Bank Holiday evenings to improve timekeeping PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD
PH0000135.164  72 72A 72B Looe Bay Holiday Park Polperro 20-Sep-2019 Extras for Looe Music Festival & winter timetable PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD
PH0000135.165  74 74A 174 Callington Liskeard 01-Sep-2019 Add 74A serving Upton Cross. Afternoon 174 revised to serve Upton Cross PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD
PH0000135.189 172 Trerulefoot Callywith College, Bodmin 01-Sep-2019 PM Journey no longer serves Plymouth (link available between services 171 & 72). Revised times. PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD
PH0000135.202 177 Holsworthy Callywith College, Bodmin 01-Sep-2019 Timetable Change PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD
PH0000135.192 177 178 Holsworthy Callywith College, Bodmin 01-Sep-2019 Revise route and timetable. Service 177 via South Petherwin, not Tregadillett PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD
PH0000135.207 178 Kelly Bray Callywith College, Bodmin 01-Sep-2019 Timetable Change PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD
PH0000135.191 179 Gunnislake Callywith College, Bodmin 01-Sep-2019 Afternoon journey serves Dobwalls PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD
PH0000135.219 186 St Stephen Bodmin 01-Sep-2019 New Service PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD
PH0000135.205 187 Fowey Callywith College, Bodmin 01-Sep-2019 Timetable Change PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD
PH0000135.195 188 Lanjeth Callywith College, Bodmin 01-Sep-2019 Revise terminal points: Lanjeth - Bodmin (Callywith College). Revise route & Timetable accordingly PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD
PH0000135.206 189 Biscovey Bodmin 01/09/2019 Revise terminal points: Biscovey (St MArys Road) - Bodmin (Callywith College). Revise route and timetable accordingly PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD
PH0000135.215 OCS City Centre City Centre 01/09/2019 Cancel PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD
PH0000135.211 PR3 Seaton George Park & Ride 01/09/2019 Withdraw weekday evening and all Saturday journeys


Social Media 25 July 2019

Plymouth Citybus
  • Rame service's along with the 34 are unable to serve Albert Rd this evening from the ferry and are diverting towards Grandby along Fore St, Devonport Rd towards Stoke Village due to roadworks. apologies for any inconvenience caused. Park Ave is closed this evening for Roadworks between the junctions of Pottery Rd & Albert Rd therefore service 21 & 21A are diverting outbound via Fore St, Devonport Rd & Albert Rd. Apologies for any inconvenience caused
Tamar Coaches

Social Media 26 July

Stagecoach SW
  • # Plymouth . Service 1 from Tavistock @14:15 is currently running 35 minutes late. Sorry for any inconvenience caused

Cornwall by Kernow
  • Due to a problem with the bus the 0651 25 service from Trinity Street to Fowey is currently not running. A replacement bus is on the way, apologies for at inconvenience caused.
  • We have received reports of a serious RTC at Rose Cross Roads which may cause delays to our 86, 87 and A4 services
  • The 08.42 from St Ives to Truro T2 service is not running due to unforeseen circumstances.Due to heavy traffic around the Penzance area a number of services in and out of Penzance are running behind schedule. We apologise for any delays (
  • Service 35 will be unable to serve the loop around Acacia Road and Oakfield Road for the rest of this week due to the emergency water works. Please wait at the junction of Trelissick Road and Acacia Road. We will review the situation Monday morning at 0930
  • If you are heading to Flushing Regatta tomorrow, the 69 service leaves Falmouth Moor at 1435 and 1705. The drop off/pick up for Flushing will be the junction of Tregew Road at the top of the village
  • Due to heavy traffic the 1233 27 service from Bodmin Morrisons to Truro via St Austell is currently running around 35 minutes late and this will also affect the return service due to depart from Truro at 1435.

Devon Fire


  1. Stagecoach are taking over DCC contract service 87 from Target start of September. Do we know if they will also get rest of their tendered services...ie 49,59 etc as they took over 89 not so long ago too?

  2. Target have lost service 87 Tavistock to Bere Alston to Stagecoach following the loss of 89 earlier in the year. Is the same happening to their Devon Contracts as Plymouth ones last year?

  3. I have heard 59 is go8ng to Oakleys, 87 is going to Stagecoach and the rest are staying with Target for now


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