02 November 2017

11 x 2

An afternoon in town on Friday last week allowed me the opportunity to catch up with some of the changes in the Stagecoach fleet as it has rolled out some new route branding on its few Plymouth routes. The most variety can be found on the 2 2A 2B services which has received a pink branding on several of the Enviro 200 buses normally used on these routes. All the below were caught on camera on the same day. The City College Enviro 400 was able to run on the 2s as the college is on half term break.

18079 Dennis Trident on the 2B

Stagecoach Devon 18069 WA04CRZ 19322 Stagecoach Devon 19322 WA08NOH 26037 Stagecoach Devon 26037 YX65RDO 37113 Stagecoach Devon 37113 YY14WFD 37116 Enviro 200 Stagecoach Devon 37116 YY14WFG 37118 Stagecoach Devon 37118 YY14WFJ 37139 Stagecoach Devon 37139 YY14WGV 37140 Stagecoach Devon 37140 YY14WGW 37141 Stagecoach Devon 37141 YY14WGX 37142 Stagecoach Devon 37142 YY14WGZ 47089 Solo on the 2A

Stagecoach Devon 47089 WA04TXD

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