03 November 2017

One der full

We have been catching up with Stagecoach route branding this week so we end the week with the new branding for the recently revamped Tavistock service 1

10488 with new route branding

Stagecoach Devon 10488 SN65ZHB 10489 Stagecoach Devon 10489 SN65ZHD 10490 Stagecoach Devon 10490 SN65ZHE 10493 Stagecoach Devon 10493 SN65ZHH

You still get older buses on the service as well as can be seen with Trident 18079 on Friday last week:

Stagecoach Devon 18079 WA04CTU

Of course the last changes have not been popular with all passengers

Residents outraged by the firm's decision to axe its X1 route through Derriford spoke up at a public meeting at Derriford United Reformed Church about the impact bus cuts have had on their community. Campaigners say changes are forcing everyone to walk longer to catch a bus - a move which is having a big effect on the vulnerable and elderly.

Stagecoach has previously argued that changes it has made over the X1 - which means residents now need to walk to Runway Road or Derriford Hospital to catch a bus - still allows people to catch a service within walking distance.

"We just hope that when the company goes back and has further meetings, it will resolve the problems that Tavistock and Derriford people - although they are separate issues - have and put the X1 back on again.

The Herald

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