01 November 2017


Stagecoach have not wasted much time in getting their ‘new’ Enviro 200 MMCs into service on the Kingsbridge Dartmouth route. I caught 37444 on Friday then Richard Smith captured the same bus on Saturday where he also observed sister 37441 on the same route.

Stagecoach Devon 37444 SN16OSU Stagecoach Devon 37444 SN16OSU`

Of course, for many of the the route will always be the 93. A reminder of days gone past on this route is also provided by Richard from the annual Kingsbridge Running Day back in September which I have just belatedly realised I never did publish here.

Western National 1969 468 FTT

© Richard Smith: Eastern Coach Works bodied Bristol FLF6G, new to Western National in December 1960

Western National 353 FTT 704

© Richard Smith: ECW Bristol K6A new 1955 as Western National 353

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  1. Fair play to stagecoach on this 1 despite losing the top deck(which is a shame as a lovely route) they have replaced the e400mmc with newer e200mmc


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