22 March 2017

Fleet Updates

The fleet list updates have continued over the last week:

The Target Travel fleet listing is now up to date to the latest PSV Circle news sheets.

Target totty

© Nick Rice

The other smaller operators with up dated fleet listings are Alansway Coaches Ltd (Country Bus) and Dealtop Ltd (Dartline)

The lists mentioned above are all on the same Google Sheet HERE

Dealtop (Dartline), Clyst St Mary (DN) N900 DLC

© Ian Kirby

Finally for now, the Stagecoach Devon listing is also updated.


© 'Eddie' (cc)

Later in the week I hope to get Cornwall operators up dated too!

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  1. i dont know if P4FTC the old black and green team coach is on the fleet list but its now being scraped and the 52 dart (you have down as 53) is also being scraped.. the pink solo is to be withdrawn next mouth just before mot date and LV02LLC in new target livery has been sold


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