23 March 2017


Thanks to Brian George of Plymouth Citybus Car and Commercial we have a few pictures of former Citybus Dart 44 Y644NYD looking very smart in her new livery and showing off a nice job on the interior

OTS K66OTS 44 b.jpg 44 a.jpg

The Pointer 2 is a design which has aged well and still looks good when presented as well as this one, even when the registration plate makes it look older than it is!

A credit to both Plymouth Citybus and OTS.


  1. A date for e Plymouth bus spotters diary,the PCTPG bus rally will be held on PLymouth Hoe over the bank holiday weekend in august (being the 26 and 27)
    Buses will be on display from Saturday at 12:00 to Sunday at 16:30.

  2. Have CityBus aquired two new coaches? I passed two plain ones in CityCoach blue somewhere the other day

    1. Yes, they have acquired two Volvo/Plaxton coaches previously with Logan, Dunloy.
      They are YX14 SFE/N which are expected to be 320/1.


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