14 January 2016

Fleet News: Stagecoach

Previous Stagecoach Fleet News: 6th January 2016

New Coaches

There has been some confusion with a batch of new Volvo B11RT / Plaxton Elite Interdeck coaches for Megabus. It has been well known that Plymouth was to become a major base for Megabus work and a few of these new coaches were recently placed into service with Stagecoach Devon legal lettering.

54263 YY65VXE [Photo]

54264 YY65VXF [Photo]

54265 YY65VXG [Photo]

54266 YY65VXH [Photo]

54267 YY65VXJ [Photo - a stunning one too!]

54268 YY65VXK [Photo]

54269 YY65VXL [Photo]

54270 YY65XVM [Photo]

54271 YY65VXN [Photo]

Since then the batch has continued up to 54276. The whole batch now seem to run under Midland Red South control. It is believed that some of these may come back under Devon control eventually but there have been conflicting reports! These coaches are now regular visitors to Plymouth on Megabus work and do look very smart even if the Megabus livery is a bit cartoony for some! Stagecoach 54276 YY65VXT

© Richard Smith 7 January 2016

Also Delivered this week, was the first of the Plaxton Elite Volvo B11R's, for the new service to Bristol, 54319 YY65VXU, the second One 54320 YY65VXV should be delivered this evening (10th)

New Double Deckers

The first of the Standard Enviro 400MMC's 10488 SN65ZHB has arrived  10th January. This batch 10488-503 are to be in Standard MMC style Fleet livery, whilst also due soon are 10457-62, which have been diverted from an Order for Manchester, These are to Carry Park & Ride Livery and will be fitted with Leather Seats and Wifi.


Repainted into the Matford Park & Ride Green livery

24144 WA59FWZ MAN 18.240 / ADL Enviro 300

Stagecoach 24144 WA59FWZ

© Ben Beaver

Repainted into Sowton Park & Ride Blue livery:

24142 WA59FWX MAN 18.240 ASL Enviro 300 [Photo Link]

Its clear that Stagecoach Plymouth will be looking very different in the next few weeks. Get those early Tridents while you can!

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  1. They are still on Stagecoach Devon licence on loan to Midland Red .They swap them around .Even the Welsh Van Hools do get used by Rugby .


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