06 January 2016

Fleet News: Stagecoach

I am trying to organise my posts a bit better now that I am covering a larger area to make things a bit easier to find and also for me to keep track of! Generally I will prefix any posts with fleet developments with the Fleet News prefix followed by the company name.

New Buses

Delivered to Exeter just before Christmas

10452 SN65NZH

10453 SN65NZJ

10454 SN65NZK

10455 SN65NZM

Alexander Dennis E20D Enviro 400MMC in a plain dark red livery. These have now been finished in the new red Park & Ride livery:

No 'stage fright' here

©Nick Rice

10456 SN65NZO

Alexander Dennis E20D Enviro 400MMC in standard Stagecoach livery

The dark red ones will be for the Honiton Road Park & Ride.

The other Park & Ride services are in for a rebranding too with Alexander Dennis Enviro 300 24144 currently in a base blue livery.

Stagecoach 10456 SN65NZO

© Ben Beaver

Stagecoach 24142 WA59FWX

© Ben Beaver

24142 in the new Blue Park & Ride livery

Still to come

The new buses for Park & Ride in Plymouth will also feature a new livery. It wont be too long before we get to see them either!


  1. Good to see The New Park and Ride Vehicles have been Launched in Exeter,I've heard that The Batch of New Vehicles for Plymouth Should Arrive in The Next 10-14 Days,this Should see the End of The 17000 Series on The Plymouth Network,Hopefully all Should be in place by The End of January,This in Turn should see The 8 Loaned First Group Double Deckers Return to Cornwall along with 3 Being Cascaded From Yorkshire Remove the Last Roofed Dozen Volvo Olympians from Service.

  2. I like the new Park & Ride livery, I just hope that at some point they get rid of the awful Ex-Citi branding.

  3. Interesting to see the contrast between the group's standard MMC livery (presumably bodged in house) and the proper, agency designed ones for the Park & Ride...


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