07 January 2016

Fleet News: First South West Ltd

Catching up on some fleet news from First South West Ltd

More buses have arrived into the fleet over the last couple of months:

32854 T854KLF Dennis Trident / Plaxton from First Midland Red (broke down on the way so stores at Taunton)

42358 EY05FYP Dennis Dart SLF / SCC From First Eastern Counties

43855 EG52FGC Dennis Dart SLF / SCC from First Essex.

43856 EG53FGD Dennis Dart SLF / SCC from First Essex

43857 EG52FGE Dennis Dart SLF / SCC from First Essex

43861 EG52FGJ Dennis Dart SLF / SCC from First Eastern Counties

43863 EG52FFK Dennis Dart SLF / SCC from First Eastern Counties

43865 EG52FGU Dennis Dart SLF/ SCC from First Eastern Counties

Buses Out

42943 WA56OAS Dennis Dart SLF / Alexander Pointer is now with First Eastern Counties (Photo Link)

Down as For Sale on Ebay in December were 40034 41132 42724 42725 48229 48233 48262 48267 48269.

Optare Solos 50277 W308DWX 50279 W329DWX have been sold to Bullocks of Cheadle with 50279 now carrying registration L10BUL (Photo link)

Repaints into the standard livery

43878 KN52NFU (Ex Western Greyhound) Dennis Dart back in November (Photo link) full KERNOW names anad black bands

42358 EY05FYP Dennis Dart SLF / SCC From First Eastern Counties full KERNOW names anad black bands

42876 SN53KJZ Dennis Dart SLF / Alexander Pointer

43861 EG52FGJ Dennis Dart SLF / SCC from First Eastern Counties full KERNOW names anad black bands

43865 EG52FGU Dennis Dart SLF/ SCC from First Eastern Counties full KERNOW names anad black bands

Peter Heath has supplied some observations from a trip into Cornwall:

Summercourt depot:

In the car park are 'preserved' (not by First) 1200, 34003 and 34198 but 34198 has a long list of defects and a smashed front upper deck window.  42825 also believed to be preserved at rear of parking.

34091, 42832 and 53009 withdrawn, 23318 ( f sw legals) Greyhound livery , 30876, 32715 all vor with major defects.  23324, (Could not see legals?) Greyhound livery in workshop.  But the main vehicle of interest was N765PAE (photo) with f SW legals on Contract. N765PAE



33174/33175 in depot branding removed 32851, 32853 back from TN , 32802 in full First Kernow looking very smart (photo). Note 23316/7 still in Greyhound livery. 32802


42430, 42470, 42473, 52013 withdrawn.  Open tops 38000/1/4/5/6 and another maybe 34137 parked with no covers.  Also at the rear was an unidentified red coach.


53107 repaired and in Full Kernow livery.


Withdrawn 38002 has gone from it's long term position in the yard. Photos of 43871 and 42871 in full Kernow livery attached.



Thanks once again to Peter for the update and the photos. I am always more than happy to receive photos and updates from Kernowland as its not an area I get to much myself, although I hope to some time soon…


  1. 34198 is still owned and in reserve
    None of the Cateano Darts have been painted. They all arrived in Olympia

  2. PCB 501 suffered a maintenance problem whilst in service today after her bumper fell off! She was replaced by 531 which was sent out from the depot

  3. Spotted ex PCB 132 parked up down at Plym Valley advertising Plymouth bike hire

  4. both them buses would look good in alines colours and logo
    stage coach new Plymouth to bristol route cant see that paying at tall
    it should start off from cornwall to Bristol more chance off picking more people up
    seeing there bought 11 new coaches

    1. Could it just be that Stagecoach can see it paying? After all, they will have invested a lot of money in it. I am sure they feel they can do a better job than National Express as far as frequency is concerned and give First (trains, that is) a good run for their money on times and certainly beat them on fares. This sounds as though it will fit in with Megabus; eleven vehicles looks like an hourly service.

      I wonder if it will be registered as a local bus service - so old folks' passes can be used.

      Any service starting in Cornwall would almost certainly go straight up the A30 and miss Plymouth completely.

    2. Oh dear. stagecoach obviously shouldn't trust their own business acumen. Clearly they should consult you first. What a mistake.

  5. Good to see The Refreshed Kernow Fleet coming together,it's a pity that some of The Deckers coming from up Country are having trouble making it past Taunton,with a Lot of New Double Deckers being introduced in The First Bristol Fleet maybe 6 of The 53 Plate Wright Eclipse Gemini Deckers couldn't be sent to Kernow,less distance to Travel and would raise the Fleet profile.

  6. I assume the cream UVG Javelin is one of the vehicles recently acquired by First from Webbers Coaches of Bodmin the takeover of which was completed on the 5th Jan and is just being reported in the trade press.

  7. W315DWX has also passed to Bullock, Cheadle.


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