18 January 2016

Fleet News: First South West

Previous Fleet News 7th January 2016


More Dennis Tridents are on their way from South Yorkshire:

33079 LN51GNK

33082 LN51GNV

33083 LN51GNX

33084 LN51GME

33099 LN51GLX Has made it as far as Taunton and is currently waiting there having broken down enroute

More Dennis Dart Caetanos from Eastern Counties are also on their way

43859 EG52FHD

43860 EG52FGF

43867 EG52FHC

43868 EG52FGX

All are currently at Taunton where they are currently working on loan

Several vehciles have been acquired from Webbers, Bodmin One 57 seat Plaxton Javelin, one short 57 seat UVG Javelin and one 70 seat UVG Javelin. plus a Dennis Dart MPD



Thanks to Robert Hawken who Can confirm that Volvo Citybus 38002 went from Truro in September. It went on the 23rd September behind an Alpha Recovery Truck.

First 38002 D702GHY

Sadly off for scrap, 38002 seen way back in 2009!


  1. Not quite correct. One of the Tridents (possibly 79, made it to Kernow). 99 was towed into Taunton, where it may be repaired and sent on to Kernow, or it may be returned to South Yorkshire. The other three failed on delivery and were returned to SOuth Yorkshire, and are not now likely to transfer as planned.

    Of the 4 Darts, 60 is not on loan. It too was recovered to Taunton where it is awaiting areplacement engine before continuing to Kernow. The other 3 are indeed loans.

  2. Here is 38002 at Taunton Deane on September 23rd 2015.


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