15 July 2014

Sent to Somerset

As mentioned yesterday, First have been swapping buses around with Plymouth receiving Volvo B7Ls from Somerset. So lets see what has gone in the other direction...
First 40570 First 40582 First 40586
Thanks to David Smith for the excellent photos.

I cant say I am sad to see these Volvo B6BLes go as they were never very comfortable buses and most seemed to struggle to get up anything like a hill which presumably will be less an issue in Somerset than it was here in Devon. Even though they were given leather seating as part of the upgraded TavyLinx, the seat cusions were so thin it was wasted.

They are certainly looking a lot smarter than they did in Plymouth although the darker purple Tavylinx was quite smart:
First 40570 YJ51PZZ First 40570 YJ51PZZ First 40582 First 40582 UHW661 22 February 2011 First 40586 First 40586 YJ51RJX First 40586 YJ51RJX

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  1. Do you know what the fleet numbers are?

  2. I know some more B7 have arrived this time from Bath! I wonder if Alex Carter will swap some Presidents and Tridents for B9s or E400s etc.??

  3. As someone who lives in Somerset I have been trying to keep track of the recent arrivals and departures from Taunton.
    Am I right in thinking that Plymouth have only received 4 B7Ls so far 60910/16/17/18 ?
    Not seen 40581/83/84 here so presume they are being painted in Plymouth ?

  4. 60895 was on PRs today

  5. First's paint shop do a very good job on other areas buses,it's a shame they're not let loose a lot more on the Plymouth fleet.


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