14 July 2014

Park & Ride Crashes

Over the last week I have been catching up with happenings on VOSA which I will be looking at in more detail this week. We start though with a couple of notices from back in May:

22 May 2014

PH0004983/278 - FIRST DEVON & CORNWALL LTD, THE RIDE, CHELSON MEADOW, PLYMOUTH, PL9 7JT Variation Accepted: Operating between THE GEORGE PARK AND RIDE SITE and PLYMOUTH (Royal Parade) given service number PR1 effective from 15-Jul-2014. To amend Timetable.

22 May 2014

PH0004983/294 - FIRST DEVON & CORNWALL LTD, THE RIDE, CHELSON MEADOW, PLYMOUTH, PL9 7JT Variation Accepted: Operating between Coypool Park & Ride Site and Royal Parade given service number PR2 effective from 15-Jul-2014. To amend Timetable.

As is often the case with VOSA notices there so little detail that you have to wait for the operator to speak out. In this case the timetable change is for one day only...

15 July 2014


We're running extra Park & Ride buses for MTV Crashes Plymouth on Tuesday 15 July! MTV will be 'crashing' Plymouth Hoe this summer to stage a spectacular live music event as part of the city's 'Three Towns' centenary celebrations. Organised in collaboration with the City Council, 'MTV Crashes Plymouth' will take place on 15 July and feature a number of headline music acts including Kaiser Chiefs, Example, The 1975 and Kiesza. 20,000 tickets have been sold so there will be a lot of traffic and parking will be limited. So were running extra evening Park & Ride buses to take the strain getting into the City Centre for the show and then getting home afterwards!

The other big change that has already happened is the allocation of buses on the PR2. We are now getting these rather scruffy Volvo B7Ls from Somerset:

First 60917 YG02DKV 10 July 2014 First 60916 YG02DKU 10 July 2014

Hopefully it wont be too long before they get a repaint at least. These are part of a swap around of buses with the Somerset division of the First Devon & Cornwall fleet(!) Tomorrow we will look at what they are getting in return. For once I think we are getting the better deal...

In The News

THE TELEGRAPH: First Group board rejects carve-up calls The board of embattled First Group has rejected calls from an activist shareholder to break up the train and rail operator. The company’s board, led by chairman John McFarlane, has told Sandell Asset Management it does not agree with its latest proposals to carve up the company, which involved selling off First’s US arm

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  1. There are some changes on VOSA for Citybus yet again. From what I can tell services 40/41 and 42 plus Blue Flash, from end of August, any ideas what these could be ?

    1. Changes also listed for the 5,29 and 43.

  2. Due an internal refurbishment as well as a repaint apparently

  3. Western Greyhound appear to have lost the number 79 Tavistock to Callington. First to operate this from September accordiong to VOSA. Also another 2 new routes in Cornwall i think, gained from WG too ???


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