07 March 2014

Bit of a bump

A COLLISION involving two buses forced police officers to close one side of Royal Parade.

The single-deck vehicles crashed while travelling in the direction of the Charles Cross roundabout along the main thoroughfare through the city centre shortly after midday.

Read more: http://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/Bus-crash-closes-Royal-Parade-Plymouth/story-20774427-detail/story.html#ixzz2vEGZAjYh

It must be said that The Herald did a poor job of reporting this story getting several key points wrong when it first published getting the location wrong and quoting the accident as being between “a singledecker bus and a bendy bus”!

It seems that it was a low speed accident and no one was seriously hurt which is good news. It did cause traffic chaos in town for quite a while though


Accident Accident Both photos ©Wayne Tomlinson

Full investigations will no doubt be taking place at both bus companies as to what happened. With this in mind if you do comment, please do not make any accusations against any driver and do not mention drivers names. Thanks!

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  1. ...looks like the bus war has stepped up a gear!

  2. First had gone into the back of a citybus that morning as well!

  3. The slogan on the PCB Dart's rear bumper is rather pertinent!!


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