07 February 2013

Just the ticket for Plymstock

There is a new deal for Plymstock passengers with First at the moment…

Your cheapest monthly ticket in Plymstock: the FirstMonth Plymstock ticket!
At just £32 you can enjoy unlimited travel on First services 2, 6 and 7 for 1 calendar month (that's up to 31 days!)
That's as little as £1.03 a day if you use it every day!
The FirstMonth Plymstock ticket is available from your service 2, 6 or 7 drivers.
Between them services 2, 6 and 7 offer a complete network of buses for the Plymstock, Elburton and Mount Batten areas of Plymouth with up to 11 buses an hour between Plymstock and Plymouth City Centre (that's almost 1 bus every 6 minutes!):
Service 2: Mount Batten - Plymstock - City Centre
Service 6: Staddiscombe - Plymstock - City Centre
Service 7: Elburton - Broadway - City Centre

This is quite a bit cheaper than the standard FirstMonth Plymouth City Adult ticket which is £39.30, although it is restricted to just the three services. First certainly like to have lots of variations of their First Tickets!

First 32716 W716RHT
November 2011

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  1. The Firstmonth Plymstock ticket has been available for about 3 years. It started just after Plymouth Citybus introduced their 5 and 5A service and was originally priced at £30. Since then it has only increased by £2 which seems very reasonable. It is advertised at the majority of the bus stops on the route, but apart from that First do seem a bit reluctant to promote it, which seems a shame as it is excellent value.


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